Dating books printing history broken plates

But the mysteries between their ancient pages are not the books’ only riddle.

Today, their whereabouts are also something of a mystery.

Allende retreated with his supporters to La Moneda, the fortress-like presidential palace in Santiago, which was surrounded by tanks and infantry and bombed by air force jets.... Fatal Attraction, which starred Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, was a box-office hit and garnered six...

On this day in 1987, the thriller Fatal Attraction, about a married man who has a fling with a woman who then becomes obsessed with him and stalks his family, premieres in U. Katherine Anne Porter’s first collection of short stories, Flowering Judas, is published on this day in 1930.

The violence came one year after the second fugitive slave law was passed by Congress, requiring the return of all escaped slaves to their...

Chile’s armed forces stage a coup d’état against the government of President Salvador Allende, the first democratically elected Marxist leader in Latin America.

Arbuckle was later acquitted by a jury, but the scandal essentially put an end to his career. A Continental Express commuter plane crashes in Texas near Houston, killing 14 people, on this day in 1991.Even as battle dragged on in the trenches of the Western Front and the war in the air intensified with increased German air strikes on London...On this day in 1940, Adolf Hitler sends German army and air force reinforcements to Romania to protect precious oil reserves and to prepare an Eastern European base of operations for further assaults against the Soviet Union.On the afternoon of this day in 1777, General Sir William Howe and General Charles Cornwallis launch a full-scale British attack on General George Washington and the Patriot outpost at Brandywine Creek near Chadds Ford, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, on the road linking Baltimore and Philadelphia. On September 11, 1915, Collier’s magazine publishes the second in a series of three essays on automobile travel by a not-yet-well-known writer named Emily Post.The series, called “By Motor to the Fair,” told the story of Post’s 27-day drive from New York City to the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San... Lee move into position against a Union stronghold on Cheat Mountain in western Virginia, only to retreat three days later without firing a shot.

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